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Position Details: Data Analyst

Location: Carlsbad, CA
Openings: 1
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Data Analyst

Carlsbad, CA




Actively interviewing, direct manager contact

Experienced data analyst to provide both database programming capabilities and analyze complex datasets. This person will provide analysis on all data related subjects, from identifying and extracting data, creating both relational and non-relational Data Marts, and drive database requirements with IT for the LSG Group. This person will also be a hands-on programmer who will integrate multiple complex marketing, finance and e-business data sources into easily consumable visualizations and generate marketing insights. This role will analyze, design and develop an efficient data framework and will use the architecture to support Marketing and Data Science initiatives.



  • Provide analytics consulting support to business and marketing leaders in development of data strategies and programs.
  • Use script/java programming languages to build automation processes for data integration with visualization tool (Power BI, Tableau)
  • Analyze Cognos queries and assist in creating visualizations and insights from available data.
  • Develop customized SQL queries for database solutions & business ad hoc requests (Oracle, Redshift)
  • Integrate multiple marketing data sources into customized data mart and design an efficient data architect to meet increasing business demand.



  • 5 years Data Engineering experience - design, develop, deliver and maintain large-scale and well-documented robust “data marts” to drive data insights.
  • 5 years SQL experience - Extensive knowledge and vast experience with SQL Queries (various joins, correlated subqueries, knowledge of recursive queries).
  • 5 years Scripting experience in Linux Shell Scripting and Python. Scripting ability to understand and translate scripts written in legacy languages such as Perl.  
  • 5 years of experience in building reports and visualization using Power BI and Power BI Premium. Experience maintaining and troubleshooting on-premise Data Gateway. Experience with DAX and ability to create appealing visualization for derived datasets.
  • Able to troubleshoot the data issues in dashboarding or reporting tools (Power BI, SFDC, Cognos, etc.) and suggest solutions.
  • 3 years of experience working with multiple ERPs (E1, SAP, etc.) and SFDC as main CRM.
  • 3 years of extensive Data Modeling experience - Star schema, 3rd Normal form, partitions etc.
  • Ability to anticipate hidden nuances and potential pitfalls in complex data sets.
  • Collaborate with the immediate and broader functional team to help provide holistic actionable insights.


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